Instructions for participation


To register for the evaluation, participants should email with the subject line “REGISTRATION” and the following details:

Data license agreement

One participant from each site must sign the data license agreement and its addendum and return them to LDC: (1) by email to or (2) by facsimile, Attention: Membership Office, fax number (+1) 215-573-2175. They will also need to create an LDC Online user account, which will be used to download the dev and eval releases

Zenodo registration

In order to submit system results, performers will need to create an account with Zenodo.

Paper submission

For challenge participants contributing papers to the Interspeech special session, the deadline for submission of papers is March 23, 2018 (midnight GMT). Please submit your paper by this date via the Interspeech submission system at As topic, you should choose ONLY the special session: 13.3 The First DIHARD Speech Diarization Challenge.

Results submission

The deadline for submission of final system results is March 23 (midnight GMT). Results should be submitted via Zenodo according to the instructions at the submissions page.


The 2018 DIHARD challenge is an open evaluation where the test data is sent to participants, who will process the data locally and submit their system outputs to LDC via Zenodo for scoring. As such, the participants have agreed to process the data in accordance with the following rules: